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Company Information

Critter Country is a newly established company here to offer you the best in all areas of character mascots. We specialize in Building/Design, Performance and Maintenance. We take care of you, and make sure you character gets the attention it deserves. We take the worry out of knowing that your character is in the right hands, for all aspects. We're always eager to please and promise you a character you and the public will never forget.

Company History

Critter Country was established by Mr Eden Noonan in 2006, a character performer and costume builder since the late-nineties. Eden has peformed as many well known characters for the public and understands what it's like to be on the other side of the mask. Finally deciding to take his talents to a more corporate level, Eden continues to provide his talents for many clients including professional sports teams and children's stage entertainment. Understanding what it's like to wear these costumes for many hours a day, when designing and building a costume, he incorporates the factors of vision, heat and maneuverability whilst giving the costume an amazing appearance with attention to detail.

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