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Eden Noonan can offer you the performance of a lifetime. Eden is highly energetic and can adapt to give the character what it needs to entertain and provide fun for all. Whether it be a slow fat and cuddly bear or a highly energetic back flipping Kangaroo, he can do it all for you. He will give your character what it needs to get noticed and can promise you a character you'll never forget.

Agents & characters I have personally performed for:

Kids Promotions
Bananas in Pajamas (Stage)
Showtime Attractions
Teen Titans (Stage), Alex the Lion, Madagascar Live (Stage) Cadbury Great Bunny (Stage), Sylvester, Karak, Looney Tunes (Stage), Shrek, Spider Man, Freddo Frog, Shrek, Kung Fu Panda - Po (Stage), Raggs kids club - Pido (Stage)
Absolutely Fantastic Events
Humphrey B Bear (Stage), Shrek
Entertainment Store
Captain NAB
Homer Simpson, Splodge (Blinky Bill/Stage), Skippy (Stage), Angry Beavers, Shrek
Australia Zoo
Khan Tiger, Ploy Elephant, BW Croc, Squirt Whale (all on and off stage)
Hockey Australia
Richmond Tigers FC (AFL)
Stripes Tiger
Brisbane Lions FC (AFL)
Bernie Gabba Vegas
Western Bulldogs FC (AFL)
Woofer Bulldog
AFL World
All mascot manor characters
Parramatta Eels (NRL)
Sparky the Eel
Melbourne Tigers (NBL)
Tiger Man
Sonic Animation
Theophilus Thistler (Stage)
Surfasaurus Brother
Sid Surfasaurus (Stage)
Sega World Sydney
Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails the Fox
Basket Ball AUS (Aussie Hoops)
Duncan Kangaroo
Basket Ball AUS (Boomers)
Boomer Kangaroo
Rugby AUS (Boomers)
Wally Wallaby
Melbourne Aquarium
Sharky & the Octopus
LJ Hooker
Mr Hooker Bear
Down Under Saftey
Kanga Tuff
PET Stock
Gazza Galla
Yarra Trams
Jake Beagel and Harry Wombat
Australian Charities
Barnabee Bee (Diabetes Australia), Jelly Baby (Juvenile Diabetes), Sid Seagull (Cancer council), Happy Heart (Heart foundation), Healthy Harold (Life Education), Buddy Bear (Allanah & Madliane Foundation), Champ (RSPCA), Lucky (Leucemia Foundation)
Free Lance Mascots
My own stock/creation of characters used for promotions.

And many many more!

Please contact us if you have any further questions.