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Mascot Services


Anyone can wear a costume, but you'll never get the full potential out of a character until it's been worn by a trained professional. We offer performers and character minders whom have the experience to bring your critter to life! No matter how big or how small the event. Everything from stage and large crowd entertainment to corporate events and meet & greets. Using us you'll soon discover the importance of using trained performers. Remember a character is only 20% costume, the rest comes down to performance.

Suit Building & Maintenance

You want to look your best and keep looking fantastic for years to come? We can build your costume to your exact specifications, making sure it turns out the way you want. Our costumes are built with the wearer in mind. Being performers ourselves we understand the need for functionality and ability to maintain. If your already have a costume from us, or from another creator we can also clean and repair any costume, returning it to it's original glory and looking it's best. In fact most companies have there costumes dry cleaned, this isn't recommended due to chemicals that will harm your costume. We offer an on going relationship with all our clients even after the product has been delivered.


Character Design and Creation

Got an amazing idea for a character or mascot? We also offer illustrations and concept art of your potential costume, giving you an idea on what the character will look like. We can either take a fresh idea, or convert your current mascot into suit form. This gives a clearer understanding and lets you make changes before the costume itself is produced. However, we can also design a character for you, regardless if you intend to have a costume version or not.


Don't have you're own mascot?

Can't afford an new costume?

Don't worry, you can hire one of ours!

Please see ourCharacters for hire. page for further details.